About Us

We help nonprofits stay secure.

We provide a range of security services, from security assessments, to strategic planning and remote cybersecurity expert consulting.

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Our Culture

Find your why. We believe that all of us are here to fulfill a purpose. We perform at our best when our work aligns with our mission. That's why we take a dynamic and individual approach to support our staff and align their strengths with our partners.


Beginner's mindset. When we approach every new problem with the eyes of a beginner, we focus on the fundamentals and basics. This is mastery and it facilitates a deep curiosity in our approach to self-improvement and growth. Our goal is to approach each problem with a calm humility, providing you with the resources, tools, and guidance you need to thrive.


Be radically open with yourself and your peers. Transparency is not just a buzzword; it's a guiding principle that influences everything we do. From our communication with clients, partners, and team members to our business practices and decision-making, we strive to be forthright and candid.

Our Values

Community First

Community first. Lending a hand to those that need it most, especially the ones making the biggest impact in our world, is our primary motivation.


Solutions to complex problems are often elegant and uncomplicated. We cut out the fluff and make it easy to understand how working with us will help achieve your security goals. After all, you don't need us, you just need things done.



Fail forward. The path to mastery is consistency, especially in the face of adversity and extreme challenge. Security is all about composure and being prepared for the worst.

Our Journey Began in 2023

Inception & Mission

Our mission is to empower nonprofits to continue focusing on creating positive change, not cybersecurity.

Take the first step towards securing your nonprofit and supercharge your reputation with expert guidance, assessments, and unparalleled support.


We are more than just a passionate company

We are guardians of your security, trailblazers of an alternative consulting model, and partners in your success. As a dynamic and forward-thinking organization, we are dedicated to protecting nonprofits and their invaluable missions.


Donations safeguarded for our partners


Completed projects for diverse global missions and causes


Why work with us

Ever wonder what a professional services firm actually does during all those billable hours? So do we, and we're here to change that. No more billable hours or guessing. Transparent costs are at the cornerstone of everything we do.

Transparent Costs

Our model allows your nonprofit to budget with confidence. We are performance driven and incentivized to work efficiently.

Experts in various areas

Implementing our security recommendations is one of our core strengths. Our diverse experiences enable us to deliver this for our partners.

We take care of your nonprofit

Your mission is our priority. If we're unable to assist you directly with your specific request, we'll connect you with someone who can.

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